SMIT is an Italian weaving machine manufacturer since 1938.
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Globally recognized as a forerunner in weaving technology, SMIT is a manufacturer of weaving machines established in 1938 and renowned for its high standard levels of innovation, productivity and versatility, ensuring competitiveness throughout a large variety  of applications.

Smit is a SANTEX RIMAR GROUP company since 2016, one of the leading players  in the world market of textile machinery manufacturers for weaving, textile finishing, technical textiles, and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes.

Versatility for further upgrading at any time, flexibility with the widest range of fabrics, excellent fabric quality productions, low rate consumption, ease of use and maintenance are the main features of SMIT textile weaving machines.

Custom made self-retaining grippers, easy to adjust and stable while weaving, are engineered for a wide range of weft material and counts.


SMIT is today still based in the textile valley where it was born, producing weaving machines renowned for the high standard levels of versatility, productivity and innovation, ensuring competitive quality among an extensive variety of applications.


One of this, 2SAVE, the result of the company’s commitment to make sustainability an important value to be pursued.


The ACIMIT Green Label certifies SMIT machines as competitive advantage
of innovation and green technologies.

green label sustainable textile production
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On February the 21st of 1938, SMIT (acronym for the Italian Società Macchine per l’Industria Tessile – Textile Industry Machinery Manufacturer) was founded in Italy by the Board of Directors of Lanerossi. At the beginning of the twentieth century Lanerossi (founded in Schio in 1873) was the largest Italian wool mill and still today represents a milestone in the history of the Italian industrial development.

1938 SMIT founded

1957 SMIT first rapier loom

In 1958 SMIT presents the world’s first flexible-ribbon weaving machine: the renowned TD model – was produced in Italy and won immediate acclaim for its versatility, the high quality of the fabric produced and its operational simplicity.


In 1968 ENI acquires Lanerossi and SMIT becomes part of Nuovo Pignone, engineering company acquired by ENI in 1953.
The best know-how for a forerunner in weaving technology.

1991 Dynamically Controlled Grippers

In 1988 SMIT presents the revolutionary “FAST”: the “Dynamically Controlled Grippers” on composite ribbons sprocket driven changes forever the weaving technology.


In 1994 General Electrics buys Nuovo Pignone and the products development begins a new significant phase thanks to the American know-how

1998 sulzer

In 1998 famous weaving machine manufacturer Swiss Group SULZER acquires SMIT.
The year after SMIT presents the new G6300 awarded with the prestigious TEXTILE WORLD’S “1999 Innovation Award”.


In 2007 SMIT launches the new GS 920 “Twin Drive” with two high performance direct drives controlling independently the shedding shaft and the main weaving machine shaft, to bring
versatility and flexibility and obtain the maximum precision in fabric with the lowest stress for the yarns.


In 2010 SMIT presented GS940, last technical evolution of the ‘900 series, already worldwide appreciated for its easy use and high performances. The numerous improvements in mechanic and electronic groups increase the already high-quality standards and ensure flexibility, productivity, energy saving and modularity for further upgrading at any time.

Santex Rimar Group

In 2015 SANTEX RIMAR GROUP welcomes among its brands SMIT to expand the Group products portfolio SANTEX RIMAR GROUP is one of the leading players in the world market of textile machinery manufacturers for weaving, textile finishing, technical textiles, and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes.

Smit GS980F Free flight rapier machine for terry

In 2018, on the year of the 80th anniversary, SMIT launches the latest model of the GS900 series: SMIT GS980

2FAST Free Flight Ribbons System Weaving Machine

In last years the R&D department has not stopped and SMIT renew its range of products with new weaving machines: GS980F, ONE and the most technologically advanced 2FAST.