through the reduction of fabric waste with 2SAVE

Thanks to the control of the weft thread tension outside the fabric edges, 2SAVE cuts false selvedges saving fabric waste during production.

2SAVE system:

  • Effective weft cutting with any type of weft yarn
  • Weft control device on the left side, with shear and aligning nozzle
  • Lateral 4 ends leno bindings of the fabric with programmable crossing phase
  • Weft tails control device, shear and recovery nozzle on the right side

Yarn Saving

The elimination of the false selvedges yarns and spools at both sides: yarn saving and weft tails recycling

Up to 12 colors

The exercise of all the functions concerning the weft selection up to 12 colors and in combination with all the types of weft yarn (the double weft insertion is also allowed)

Easy and quick

Symmetric weaving width change on both sides, with easy and quick operation

Increased weaving width

An increased maximum weaving width (50 mm more that the corresponding standard equipment). The weaving width range is also 50 mm larger than standard machine.

Loom without 2SAVE:

loom without 2save

Loom with 2SAVE:

loom with 2save

Weft saving: 25+25 →50mm x insertion
Weft yarn recycling: 25+55 →80mm x insertion
False selvedges warp yarn full saved

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Reduction of fabric waste with 2SAVE

You can save:

  • 720 kg/year of cotton
  • 7.920.000 liters/year of water
  • 3.070 Euro/year

with this machine parameters:

  • Weft Ne10s
  • Weft density 25 pick/cm
  • 24 h x 30 days x 11,5 months
  • 680 rpm
  • 92% efficiency
  • 55mm of weft saved

Green Label is the green certification signed by ACIMIT dedicated to the textile machinery of associated companies who follow the green technologies in their manufacturing process and support the enviromental legislation

An all-Italian seal developed by an international certification body, RINA.

Our loom 2FAST is certified with ACIMIT Green Label certification that aims to identify energy and environmental performances of the machine.

Green Label
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