Weaving Machine For Denim

Denim fabric production is considered one of the main textile industry and SMIT took the decision to make a focus with dedicated machine configuration and devices.

For classic fabrics, advanced mechanical design and technological parameters minimize stress on the weft and on warp yarns. Free-flight carbon composite ribbons without hook guides system provide the fastest weaving width change, high textile efficiency and top fabric quality even with the most delicate yarn fabrics.

Versatility for further upgrading at any time, flexibility with the widest range of fabrics, excellent fabric quality productions, low rate consumption, ease of use and maintenance are the main features of SMIT weaving machines.

Custom made self-retaining grippers, easy to adjust and stable while weaving, are engineered for a wide range of weft material and counts.

Denim is traditionally graded by its weight per yard of fabric or by its density (quantity of threads that compose the plot).
Fabric weight refers to the weight in ounces of a given amount of fabric measured in square yard:

  • LIGHT WEIGHT / 5 – 8 oz
  • MEDIUM WEIGHT / 9 – 12 oz
  • HEAVY WEIGHT / 13 – 16 oz
  • EXTRA HEAVY / over 16 oz

Medium and heavy denim is used for jeans and jackets production, while lighter denim is mostly used on shirts, dresses, skirts and other garments.

The standard configuration machines:

  • 190,220,230 cm reed width
  • Dobby 8-12-16 lever
  • 4 weft feeders
  • Beams 1000 or 1100
  • Electronic weft cutter
  • Electronic selvedge scissor
  • 2SAVE device – Eco device to reduce weft yarn consumption both sides – Optional
  • Tuck-In selvedge – Optional
  • Jaquarette – Optional
  • Electronic right side rapier opener – Optional
2FAST Free Flight Ribbons System Weaving Machine

2FAST: Compact design for competitive performance

The 2Fast loom allows to obtain the best construction of the fabric at maximum speed with the minimum stress for the yarns thanks to the patented weft beating system which makes the quality of the fabric to the touch unique in the world.

2FAST is specifically designed for denim production.

The “Robust Design” methodology guarantees the longest machine life and the lowest spare parts consumption.


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