GS980F: The best terry towel weaving machine

With eight different working widths, from 220 to 380 cm, SMIT GS980F is a perfect towel weaving machine valuable also for bulk terry, in one or several panels.

SMIT GS980F excels in terms of performance: rugged structure and stiff drive mechanisms ensure high productivity and operational stability both in Dobby and Jacquard weaving machines.

SMIT GS980F further enhances the greatest functional advantages of Smit terry looms to achieve top results in terms of pile regularity, pile height evenness and performance of the machine.

Dynamic Pile Control is the distinguishing Smit system of pile formation by sley deferred motion (Rocking reed), with loose pick distance up to 24 mm, securing the gentlest treatment of warp yarns for a first-rate terry fabric.

The innovative Dynamic Pile Control, once programmed on loom terminal or jacquard memory, allows to switch from one pick ratio to another while machine is running to create unique relief patterns and effects like pile waveforms.

SMIT GS980F terry towel weaving machine run up to 1550 M/Min and over 500 Rpm (260 cm) and weave spun yarns from 4 to 400 Tex, filament yarns from 10 to 3500 Den and fancy yarns up to 2 Nm.


New direct drive

Short kinematic arrangement, higher regularity the lowest vibration and noise level


New Torque Motor

High efficient and heavy


New sound proof guards

New crankcase to cover the moving parts of the machine for operator safety


New Cognitive Brake System

to improve the quality of the pile creation


New Dobby Setting from Terminal

lt shortens considerably the set-up and start-up time


New Real Time Weft Insertion Monitoring

to avoid any defects in the fabric


New Software Controlled E-cut

Optimal cutting conditions and top performance


New Leno Force System

Quick adaptation, Maximum effectiveness, Higher tension


New Patented Grippers

Great versatility and Rapier sliding supporting teeth, specific for terry fabrics


New PTE - Pile Tension Equalizer

It ensures the gentlest treatment of warp yarns,


New Sturdy And High-Resolution Encoders

two sturdy magnetic encoders to control the crossing position of the shed in relation to the beating up point


New Rocking Reed

Top results in terms of pile regularity, pile height evenness and performance


New High Performance efficient Lubrication System

Excellently reliable thanks to continuous lubrication and oil filtering


New Shedding Motion

Minimal vibrations of heald frames, with increased warp efficiency at top speed.


New Energy Efficient Power Transmission

The highest regularity and the lowest energy consumption, also in combination with Jacquard


New Dobby

Better performances: weaving is faster and smoother. Higher performance with minimum maintenance.

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Quick and Easy Maintenance
Simply access the lowest front of the machine
Flexibility On Production
Change the article quickly and with zero efforts
Minimum Space Requirement
Save space in the weaving department
High Residual Value Over Time
Interchangeable accessories even with older models
Solid and Reliable
Your long term investment
High Production Rate
Up to 1700m/min of yarn insertion

2SAVE: Sustainability through fabric waste reduction

Thanks to the control of the weft thread tension outside the fabric edges, 2SAVE cuts false selvedges saving fabric waste during production.

The System:

  • The simplest for the highest weft yarn saving (left and right side)
  • The most flexible in terms of n° of colors (up to 12, pick-at will) and weft yarn count
  • The most versatile, allowing to easy and quick change article and weaving width

Unleash the full potential of fabric’s sustainability with 2SAVE!


Weaving Machines Spare Parts

If you rely on us, you are on the safe side thanks to:

  • 24/7 reachability and immediate feedback
  • Better performances with the original top-quality parts
  • Optimal supply to guarantee the best solutions to your problems
  • Maximum flexibility and sound know-how
  • Strong logistics network

Spare parts are centrally processed and quickly available in every corner of the world: Smit and Santex Rimar Group have a global sales network for fast deliveries.
It is really easy to order Smit original spare parts.

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