Weaving Machine For Airbag

Airbag is an inflatable cushion Nylon woven fabric typically made of
Nylon 6.6/66 which may be coated or uncoated and must be impermeable to
gases and flame resistant.
SMIT propose a dedicated machine configuration and devices.
Free flight system without hook guides is compulsory for this market with Single rapier weaving machine model 2FAST.
Versatility for further upgrading at any time, flexibility with the widest range of fabrics, excellent fabric quality productions, low rate consumption, ease of use and maintenance are the main features of SMIT weaving machines.

To minimize the air permeability the fabric should be woven to the tightest setting possible for the chosen yarn count and the chosen fabric construction; that is, the fabric should be woven with the maximum number of threads per unit length warp ways and weft ways. (High cover factors)
For the fabrication of the OPW (one-piece-woven) airbags many customer selected SMIT weaving machines for the high fabric qualities and efficiencies at higher speed.

– Material: PA6/6.6
– Yarn count : 300-800 Den multifilament the standard

The standard configuration machines:
● Model: 2FAST
● 260, 290, 320cm machine reed width
● Dobby 12-16 lever or Jacquard
● 4 weft feeders version
● Thermal cutting
● Reinforced slay bar

● Electronic rotative weft cutter or Electronic weft cut
● Double back rest bar – Optionial
● External winder – Optional

2FAST Free Flight Ribbons System Weaving Machine

2FAST & ONE: for any type of AIRBAG

The 2Fast loom allows to obtain the best construction of the fabric at maximum speed with the minimum stress for the yarns thanks to the patented weft beating system which makes the quality of the fabric to the touch unique in the world.

By ONE machine the weft insertion performed by a single rapier and the numerous improvements in mechanic and electronic groups increase the already high quality standards.ONE AND 2FAST : FAST AND EASY!

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