Weaving Machine For Home Textile

Home textile fabric production is another of the main market for SMIT with dedicated machine configuration and devices.

For home textile fabrics, advanced mechanical design and technological parameters minimize stress on the weft and on warp yarns. SMIT free-flight carbon composite ribbons without hook guides system provides the fastest weaving width change, high textile efficiency and top fabric quality even with the most delicate yarn fabrics. 

Versatility for further upgrading at any time, flexibility with the widest range of fabrics, excellent fabric quality productions, low rate consumption, ease of use and maintenance are the main features of SMIT weaving machines.

SMIT is considered the machines with best and higher range of weft yarn insertion.

Custom made self-retaining grippers, easy to adjust and stable while weaving, are engineered for a wide range of weft material and counts.

Home textile is defined as the textiles used for home furnishing with various range of functional from decorative products of houses mainly. 

The fabric used for home textile consists of both natural and man made fibers. Sometimes we also blend these fibers to make the fabrics stronger.

Home textiles are produced by weaving. 

Home textile also including carpets, rugs, floor coverings, curtains, cushion covers, napkins, towels and toweling fabric (terry towel have a dedicated area), bedspreads, furnishing fabric and upholstery, table and bed linen, blankets and wallpapers.

  • Wider range fo fiber from cotton to linen, hamp, silk, tencel, polyester, etc.
  • From  13Den to 2000Dem / some cases up to 45000Den
  • From 0,3Ne to 90Ne
  • The best range of weft insertion mixed with coarse fancy yarn

The standard configuration machines:

  • Model: 2FAST
  • 190, 220,230, 260, 290, 320,340,360,380cm reed width
  • Dobby 12-16-18-20 lever
  • 4-8-12 weft feeders
  • Beams 800-1000
  • Electronic weft cutter
  • Rotative weft cutter
  • Electronic selvedge scissor
  • 2SAVE device – Eco device to reduce weft yarn consumption both side lx & rx, if requested
  • Back rest bar with rotation – single or Double cylinder
  • Jaquarette – Optional
  • Tuck-In device – optional
  • Single beam or with fancy beam – Optional
2FAST Free Flight Ribbons System Weaving Machine

2FAST: Compact design for competitive performance

The 2Fast loom allows to obtain the best construction of the fabric at maximum speed with the minimum stress for the yarns thanks to the patented weft beating system which makes the quality of the fabric to the touch unique in the world.

The “Robust Design” methodology guarantees the longest machine life and the lowest spare parts consumption.


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